Gearing Up Your Holiday AdWords Campaign


Some people are born shoppers. They know what products are in, and they know where to find the best bargains. Mobile devices are great for allowing everyone to be what Google has dubbed “supershoppers,” those people who somehow manage to find the hidden gems in every retail sale. (more…)

Make Your PPC Ads More Effective By Injecting Emotion

make your ppc ads more effective by injecting emotion

The dynamic nature of pay per click campaigns makes them hard to master, and the necessity of saying everything you need to in a scant few words makes it even more so. One of the most effective things you can do to increase your PPC success is by injecting some emotion into your advertising text, and that’s something you can do effectively even when your ad space is limited.


Four Ways To Make Your Next PPC Ad Stand Out

Writing Adwords advertisements is not as easy as it looks. With a total of just 95 characters to work with, you have to create an advertisement that’s engaging enough to entice people to click—and those character limits put a lot of restrictions on what you can do. (more…)

Offering Value In Outreach


One of the core concepts that makes digital outreach work is that it’s a value exchange, where the parties involved all get something they need out of the relationship. (more…)

Introducing Variety To Your Content


The idea that “content is king” is almost as old as the internet is, and while the way people search for and use content is always evolving, the content itself is still the most important thing when it comes to attracting website traffic.  (more…)

5 Essential Elements Of A Responsive Website


2015 saw the world reach what has been dubbed the mobile tipping point. As of that point, more people are accessing the internet using mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers. And as a result, the way we design websites is changing.  (more…)

How Valuable Are Your Digital Assets?


Online marketing is more than just another branch of advertising. It’s also about building a strong collection of digital assets—intangible assets they might be, but still incredibly valuable when used in the right way.  (more…)

Improve Your PPC Ads With A/B Testing


A/B testing can be a great way of improving your digital marketing efforts. It can help you improve website copy, sales emails, and other marketing strategies, and it’s also a great way to test your PPC advertising to improve click-through rates. (more…)

7 Ways To Find New Content Ideas


One of the perennial problems for bloggers and website owners is the need to add fresh content on a regular basis. There comes a point for every blog when the basics have been covered, and it’s time to start putting your own spin on things. Here are some quick tips for getting your creative juices flowing and generating content ideas. (more…)

4 Ways to Improve Your SEO In 2016


Good SEO practice is constantly changing, and what worked even a couple of years ago isn’t necessarily the same strategy that will be successful over the coming year. While the importance of content is a constant you can rely on, what has changed is what constitutes good content—the kind of content that Google loves and ranks highly. (more…)

Refresh Your Old Content To Improve Ranking Factors


The way Google reviews and ranks websites and web pages has changed enormously in the last decade, and even in the last year or two. So, even if Google favoured your content a couple of years ago, there’s no guarantee that your site will continue to feature prominently in search results.  (more…)

New To Social Media? Here’s How To Develop A Marketing Strategy


Developing a social media marketing strategy can feel extremely daunting if you’re new to the idea. You may already have some goals in mind, but no idea about how to achieve them. Or you may not even be sure what you want to achieve with social media, but just feel that it’ll be a good thing for your business. The question is, where do you start? (more…)

How To Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Print Ads

how-to-support your-digital-marketing-strategy-with-print-ads

In the eyes of most advertisers, print is no longer the be-all end-all: these days, the industry is more focused on digital marketing and TV advertising. Despite this, print still has its uses, and while print isn’t number one any longer, it’s still an effective way to support a digital-focused marketing campaign. (more…)

Attract, Convert, Close, Engage: 4 Stages Of Digital Marketing


Few online marketing tactics are more effective than digital marketing. In this strategy, you combine quality website content with social media and other methods of drawing in site traffic. It’s an approach that’s effective for almost all organisations that use it, and it’s also both cost-effective and time-efficient. A digital marketing strategy has four distinct stages, each of which is essential for success. (more…)

7 Quick Tips For Boosting Social Media Engagement


Organisations of all sizes, in all industries, can benefit from social media, but it’s of particular benefit to small businesses. Smaller companies don’t have the advertising budgets to compete with big brands, but they have a chance to make a real impact on Facebook or Twitter. (more…)

How To Make PPC Work On A Low Budget


Pay-per-click campaigns, which allow you to purchase advertising on search engine results pages, can produce incredible results. The cost can be prohibitive for a business with a small budget, but even a small budget can go a long way if your PPC campaign is designed and managed with care. (more…)

Three Common Digital Outreach Mistakes And How To Fix Them


No matter what industry you’re in, and no matter what your company does, outreach is a vital part of success. This principle is valid in both the online and offline worlds, but curiously enough, many people fail to understand the importance of outreach for digital marketing, even if they’ve mastered the practice offline. And that means they tend to make some very simple and easily avoidable errors when they get started online. (more…)

Three Easy Ways And Effective Ways To Boost Your Page Rankings


Good SEO tactics are of huge benefit for any organisations with an online presence, simply because getting your website on the first page or two of search results are all but guaranteed to give you big traffic boosts. Some SEO strategies are fairly complicated and require a range of analytical tools and know-how, but there are also many strategies that are easy to implement and can have big results.