Exhibition Stand Design

For many businesses, exhibitions are an important way to meet new customers, talk to existing clients, and promote your brand. This makes your exhibition stand one of the most important marketing weapons in your armoury.

We are specialists in exhibition stand design. We know how to design exhibition stands that will attract the right kind of attention and get people talking.

We will incorporate your existing brand style and identity into your exhibition stand design to ensure that your clients immediately know how to find you, and work with you to create a stylish and modern exhibition stand design that you can be proud of.

display stand design

Display Stand Design

When you want to attract customers on a large scale, or when you take your business to an event or show, having an eye-catching display stand is an absolute must. Furthermore, it’s important that your display stands coordinate perfectly with your existing logo and brand identity. An effective display stand needs to do more than just look good, however; it also needs to provide information in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

At Gluhub we understand very well the design principles that are in play when it comes to large format designs, and we also appreciate that creating effective display stands requires a careful balance of information and graphics. With our display stand design service you can make the right impression from a distance as well as up close.


Poster & Banner Design

Want to showcase particular products and services, or just make a big splash that gets your brand noticed? Large-format designs such as posters and banners are a great way to achieve these goals, but it’s important that these designs reflect your brand identity and incorporate all those visual and textual elements that distinguish your company from the competition.

With large-format posters and banners you can make a statement at trade shows and exhibitions to attract new customers or welcome existing ones, or use large-format designs inside your own retail shop, where they are perfect for highlighting new products.

As large-format design specialists, we at Gluhub know how to design posters and banners that get noticed, and just as important, we understand why it’s crucial that your large-format designs reflect and incorporate your existing brand identity. Contact us today, and find out why we’re the poster and banner specialists you need.

vehicle graphics design

Vehicle Graphics Design

Transform your vehicle and turn it into a unique branding asset for your business using branded vehicle graphics. It doesn’t matter what size your vehicle is, it is guaranteed to make a big impact with branding vehicle graphics.

Work with our branding team and establish your unique business identity, then ensure that this is transferred to every aspect of your business.

Once your vehicle graphics have been perfectly designed, it’s important that they are applied correctly too, which is why we also offer a supply and fit service to ensure your vehicle graphics are guaranteed to look picture perfect.


Signage Design

Want your business to make a big impact and really shout about what you can do? Then you need to make a statement with your signage.

Once you’ve worked with our branding team to find your unique business identity, large format signage displaying that incredible new branding will help you to attract new customers and remind your existing ones just how fresh and relevant your services are.

We can help you transfer your corporate identity across every single aspect of your business branding, and as your biggest asset (literally) it’s important that your signage is updated to match.