What is eCommerce Web Design?

eCommerce is an umbrella term that refers to financial transactions that are carried out online. More specifically, it often refers to selling products or services to consumers via a retail website, or to businesses and other organisations via a B2B or wholesale website. Virtually any product or service can be bought and sold online, including digital products as well as physical ones.

Why should you be doing it?

eCommerce is an increasingly popular way for all kinds of organisations to do business, for a variety of reasons. Three primary reasons why many organisations do business online are:

·       Reduced lead times and faster product delivery.
·       Ability to provide a wider range of products to a larger customer base.
·       Reduced overheads and the opportunity to pass savings on to customers and increase sales.

How can Gluhub help?

At Gluhub we’re experts when it comes to website development, and that includes eCommerce sites where the focus is on retail or B2B sales. Whether you’re running a small online business or have an extensive range that includes thousands of products, we can create for you a website that looks great, functions on a variety of platforms and devices, and is simple to maintain. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.