Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more: they’re all useful platforms for businesses looking to enhance their online profile, but not equally so.

Some platforms are better suited for some uses and some businesses than others. Which is right for your purposes?

Facebook is the one platform that’s suitable for all organisations, regardless of industry, simply because it’s the most popular social media site by far. With more than one billion unique users, no other platform has its vast potential. Facebook also has the most even demographic distribution, which means it’s possible for any business to develop an audience.

Twitter is perfect for brands, simply because Twitter users are more likely than users of other social media sites to follow brands and businesses. And because most people following brands on Twitter do so to keep up with competitions and other special offers, this is the best place to advertise those things. Twitter is also the place for any company that focuses on whatever’s current or happening “in the moment,” because it’s the fastest-paced networking site, and its users log in more often than users of any other platform.

Instagram is the place to be if your brand is targeted to young people: the 18-29 age group is the largest user-group on this photo-sharing site. Businesses that do well here tend to be in industries that have an aesthetic element, such as food, fashion, makeup, architecture, and real estate.

Pinterest has a demographic that skews overwhelmingly female—84%—and high-income, and for businesses that fit this demographic, the rewards can be significant. More than two-thirds of Pinterest users use the site for shopping inspiration, making it particularly ideal for eCommerce. Like Instagram, Pinterest is ideal for businesses where aesthetics are an integral element: food, fashion, decorating and DIY, and real estate are some good examples.

LinkedIn is a different sort of animal as compared to other social sites, because it’s entirely oriented towards professionals. It’s not a “fun” site, and it doesn’t really have the same sales-generating potential as other social sites. But for professional businesses and individuals, a LinkedIn profile is a must. While it’s unlikely to generate sales leads, it can be a good way of developing new contacts and relationships.