how-to-support your-digital-marketing-strategy-with-print-ads

In the eyes of most advertisers, print is no longer the be-all end-all: these days, the industry is more focused on digital marketing and TV advertising. Despite this, print still has its uses, and while print isn’t number one any longer, it’s still an effective way to support a digital-focused marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is all about attracting traffic with digital tools such as SEO, website content, and social media. It can be hard to see where print fits into this, but in fact, print can slot in neatly to this kind of campaign, and a few simple tools can even make it possible to track how effective your print ads are.

One of the most useful aspects of print ads is that people still consider print sources more reliable than digital ones. So a print ad is actually a better brand ambassador in some respects, especially for new companies and new products. For local businesses in particular, print is useful because it’s the simplest way of targeting people within a defined geographical location.

Integrating Print into a Digital Campaign

To take advantage of print in a digital marketing campaign, the simple solution is to add digital elements to your printed advertising material. For example, a scannable QR code that directs users to a particular page on your business website is a good way to achieve this. Of course, it’s important to give your audience a reason to do so: a free shipping or discount deal in exchange for their email address, can be a great incentive.

With this, you combine the benefits of print with those of digital marketing: the perceived reliability of printed material enhances your call to action, and each email address is a potential lead for your digital marketing efforts. As an added bonus, once users are on your site, you’re able to track the pages they view, and the purchases they make, which can help you refine future advertising efforts.