Online marketing is more than just another branch of advertising. It’s also about building a strong collection of digital assets—intangible assets they might be, but still incredibly valuable when used in the right way. 

Online marketing is therefore more than an advertising sideline, it’s an investment, with the time and money invested going towards building brand visibility, authority, and reputation.

Website Content

The website associated with your brand is of course the most important digital asset that you have. Not just because it’s the primary online face of your organisation, but also because it’s the asset that the organisation actually owns and has complete control over.

In most cases your organisation’s website should be considered the hub of all its online marketing efforts, with most advertisements and campaigns designed to draw traffic to the site, either for making sales, or for providing content that strengthens the relationship between your customers and your brand.

Search Engine Results

The concept of search engine results as an asset is a foreign way of thinking for most people, even including those who already possess a site that ranks well. It’s such an intangible thing that it just doesn’t feel natural to think of search engine results in that way. But the fact is, good search engine results are an extremely strong digital asset, and can even be one of an organisation’s strongest assets overall, simply because it’s how people find you.

Social Media Presence

Your organisation’s social media presence is essentially an extension of the organisation itself, and as such, it’s important to consider this a valuable digital asset. Developing and growing a follower base does take a significant amount of time, but the rewards of taking that time can easily be seen in the results of early adopters who have hundreds of thousands of followers eagerly awaiting the next bite of content.

Digital Assets Require an Investment of Time

In fact, the main idea that is central to the concept of digital assets is that they take time to build—and that time is the primary investment that is made to grow these assets. Building a website and filling it with content does require a financial investment, of course, but what makes it a truly valuable asset is the time it takes to build high search engine rankings and a strong social media presence.

And with that in mind, if you’re not already considering the value of your digital assets as something to be carefully grown and nurtured, now is definitely the time to start.