What is Secure Web Hosting?

The term web hosting refers to the servers that hosts the information that goes into making a website. All the files, images, and other elements that make up a website are hosted on a special server, and any computer that accesses the website connects with the server to retrieve information about the site.

Why should you be doing it?

When you’re running a business website, secure web hosting is absolutely essential. The internet is accessible to literally billions of people, and just as there is in the physical world, there’s a criminal element in the online world that attempts to steal unsecured information or assets, or simply disrupt the normal functioning of a website. Hosting your website on a secure server is the best way to prevent these kinds of problems.

How can Gluhub help?

At Gluhub we understand that the need for secure web hosting is something that can’t be ignored. We take this need seriously, and that’s why we provide our own secure web hosting for the sites we develop. We make every effort to keep our servers safe, to give our clients the security of knowing their site is safe from harm.