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Some people are born shoppers. They know what products are in, and they know where to find the best bargains. Mobile devices are great for allowing everyone to be what Google has dubbed “supershoppers,” those people who somehow manage to find the hidden gems in every retail sale. With Google’s smart advice, there are lots of ways you can gear up your AdWords campaign to more effectively target the new breed of supershopper over the coming holiday season.

Who is the Supershopper?

The supershopper, according to Google, is someone who relies heavily on their mobile device when they shop for products both online and offline. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers—64%—use their mobile to research products before they go to a physical store, and more than half of shoppers use their mobile to help them make purchasing decisions while they’re actually in-store. But that’s not all: 76% of Google searchers who search for a product on their phone visit make a visit to a relevant business within a day of making the search. And 28% of those people end up making a purchase as a direct result of their search.

Google’s supershopper is also someone who keeps their shopping options open. The supershopper is open to buying products from new retailers, and they’re happy to take advice from search results and product reviews when considering what to buy. In fact, Google reports that 76% of mobile shoppers change their mind on what brands to purchase, or what retailers to purchase from, after performing a Google search. So flexibility is an important characteristic of the supershopper.

Finally, and most importantly at this time of year, online conversion rates jump dramatically in November and December. Google’s results do of course focus on US shoppers, but the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend that originated in the US is now Britain’s biggest annual shopping event too: in 2015, British shoppers spent £2 billion on the Friday alone, and £3.3 billion in total over the weekend period. So don’t be fooled by the origins of this shopping bonanza—it’s definitely a UK phenomenon now as well.

Google’s Advice for Reaching Supershoppers

So, supershoppers are people rely on their mobile devices a great deal when shopping, are flexible shoppers, and are more than likely going to be shopping online more heavily as the holiday season gets into full swing. If you run AdWords campaigns for advertising purposes, what can you do with your online ads to manage them more effectively and target these shoppers with greater accuracy? Naturally, Google has some suggestions.

Use a variety of online methods to capture your audience

Google suggests using TrueView video ads on YouTube as well as running search ads, but of course that’s not an option that’s available to everyone. Video ads are definitely a great choice if you have the means and ability, but you can still use the power of video to great effect without them. Instead of running TrueView ads, think about creating some short video clips to run on FaceBook and other social media channels. Hit the right quirky-but-sincere note and you may just find yourself going viral.

Manage your AdWords bids

AdWords campaigns are most cost-effective when you keep a close eye on how your keywords are performing, but especially in the busy season, you don’t necessarily have time to spare. Use Google’s Smart Bidding feature in AdWords to optimize your bids—for conversions or conversion value depending on your preferences—to get more out of them without having to spend more time managing your campaigns. Smart Bidding uses machine learning and automated bidding to improve your ROI, but still allows you to input a great deal of customisation. For instance, you can set Smart Bidding to optimise your bids based on a searcher’s specific location, their search intent, and the time of day, among other things.

Another effective option—especially if you’re trying to target those mobile-using supershoppers—is to adjust your bids so that they’re weighted towards people who are searching on their mobile devices. This gives you the opportunity to target those people at every stage of their shopping experience, whether they’re searching at home on a PC or tablet, or in-store on their smartphone.

Extend your campaign period

People don’t stop shopping on December 25. There are Boxing Day and New Year sales, and plenty of people who are willing to keep spending well into January. Review your ad share regularly, and as long as people are still clicking and purchasing, you’ve got good reason to keep running your ads.

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